How and Why do you brew your nutrients?

 A fine brew is the secret to getting your organics at max yield. In this tutorial you will learn the key components of a brew



Step 1: Determine size requirements for your growing needs: gal per water cycle
Step 2: Choose an aeration method
Step 3: Fill tank with 4 - 5.5 grams of Survive Green Nutrient per gal of water
Step 3: Aerate tank for 3 days then water



Many ask if they can simply mix our nutrients and water plants immediately. I always answer yes.

Then the next question almost always is
“If I don’t need to brew my nutrient to see superior results over other products, why would I, what is the benefit?

This answer is a bit more involved.

When you simply mix your nutrients and water a few things will happen differently from when you brew your nutrient. First is the rate and ratio of nutrient uptake. The second is the manner of building colonies of micro biology. When you initially mix your nutrient, even though it appears well mixed, in actuality there are millions of small particles and a mixture of 2 kinds of fluids water and liquid nutrient. When you brew nutrients over a period of 5-6 days through the process of osmosis you achieve a well absorbed fluid solution that will transport nutrients into the plants immediately and to 100% of Survive Greens intended nutrient ratios. with over 100 times the biological activity of the initial mix, the difference in the two liquid solutions is significant. The first being a semi time released breakdown of the nutrients. Taking 2-3 weeks to fully break down and absorb some nutrients in the soil, meanwhile while building micro biological colonies in the soil. The second solution has all the nutrients available immediately at ratios intended, with fully established micro biological colonies.

So in short for time release action feeding 1 a month or twice a year brewing is not necessary. Fruit trees- nut trees-roses-bulbs
For fast action regular feeding to super charge your plants brewing creates superior results in all your Fruits-Vegetables Herbs and Flowers.